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The Start To Finish Guide For Moving To A New Place….

Posted: January 30, 2017 at 7:01 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Smell of fresh paint, well-polished furniture, and dirt-free railings – the very thought of everything NEW creates a happy living feel. You leave old worries concerning your old flat behind and step into an apartment to start a brand new life.

But the process of leaving one place and shifting to a new one is one heck of a journey.

You not only have to do all the packing and hire a company like New Chapter Removals to care of the moving part, you will need to ensure your new home is both fit for purpose and safe!

For instance, you are planning to make a new cabinet for the drawing room. Think about the amount of noise, dust and dirt that you will experience, if the cabinet is assembled once you have moved in.

So, here is a list of things that should be done in advance for safety as well as comfortable living.

Change the locks of exterior doors

One you are the owner of the finished flat, waste no time in changing the locks of the exterior doors.

There is no need for the builder to have an access to your flat anymore. So, buy and install new lock sets or change the combination to reinstate the security of your new home.

Clean the flat inside out

Once the interiors are done and you are satisfied with the work, it’s time to clean your new flat.

Whether you are buying new flat in Siliguri or purchasing a used one, cleaning should be your immediate mission.

You can do it all by yourself or hire a service to get the job done. Cleaning can help you to identify areas that are damaged and you can repair accordingly.

Control household pests

If you are moving old furniture to your new home, dusting is mandatory before shifting. Next, call a pest control company.

The experts can guide you to get rid of cockroaches, beetles, termites, ants and so on. You can go for a 6 month contract with the pest control agency and keep your house free from household insects.

So, hire them and take up the necessary steps to live in a healthy environment.

Connect your internet and television

What’s life without television and internet! Well, sounds melodramatic; but it’s true, you need to stay connected and these are the 2 mediums that connect you to the world.

So before you shift, get to know about the internet and television connection available; otherwise it will be difficult to live in a neighbourhood where you hardly know anyone.

Comfortable for children

If you have a child then your house has to be secured for him/her. Once all those cabinets and electrical fittings are done, supervise every work.

Make sure there are no sharp edges or loose wiring. These increase chances of accidents and children are the first to experience injuries.

So, make your house friendly and comfortable for your kids.

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