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Metal Detecting Enthusiast? Beginners Guide To Buying The Right Machine…

Posted: January 20, 2017 at 3:04 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Looking for lost treasure or even just a symbolic earring in your own backyard?


Then you definitely need a metal detector.

Not just any metal detector, but one that fits you perfectly. As a beginner, you’re unsure of which features you would like on your metal detector.

Therefore, you need a basic guide on the different types of detectors that are best for beginners.

There are 3 different brands of metal detectors that will insure you, not only, find what you’re looking for, but also guide you into the direction of becoming an experienced treasure hunter.

1. The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector is one of the top rated and cheapest metal detector.


It has the ability to detect a variety of metals including gold and silver. The meter along with it’s controls aids in controlling sensitivity, determining signal strength, and includes a discrimination knob.

That enables you to exclude items such as washers or other trash.

Another great thing about this metal detector is that it gives one of the best results in all kinds of soils. The last great thing about this metal detector is the simplicity of putting it together.

2. The Garret Ace 250 Metal Detector is another top rated detector, however it includes features that many with experience love.

garrett ace 250

A target ID detector which is a feature that shows the object the detector believes it has found.

There’s a coin depth indicator, sensitivity depth adjustments, and like the Bounty Hunter, a discrimination knob. Overall, this detector is easy to operate, has amazing capabilities, and it’s worth it’s cost.

3. Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Metal Detector has abilities similar to the bounty hunter, but a few features differentiate from the other. One, it has three different alert sounds for the different types of metals.

Two, the ground control disables other interrupting signals from falsely detecting wrong items. Finally, it comes with a case that is adjustable and easy to travel with. Therefore, if you plan on going to all the beaches in the world, you’ll want this outstanding detector.

Video – Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review – Full Review Click Here

Easy to put together and easy to operate!

Now, how about going out and getting one of these precious metal detectors. You’ll look like the most experienced treasure hunter of all the beginners.

Whether you want to just scope around your backyard or search the beaches of Australia, you’ll want one of these metal detectors to guide you into the realm of a hobbyist.

Besides, some beginners are better than their teachers and the metal detectors for the best beginners start here!

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